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Pasquale (Shuten) Esposito is a professional actor, working in both theatre and film in Italy and Los Angeles. His acting has been profoundly influenced and guided by his Zen Buddhism practice.

As an actor, he has studied under the guidance of F. De Sapio, S. Strasberg, S. Batson, G. Seacat, and D. De Fazio—who also substantially changed his artistic research. He is currently teaching and collaborating with Dominique at the Studio De Fazio in Rome and Los Angeles.

Being an actor forces him to research expression and communication in depth. He has been practicing (Soto) Zen Buddhism since 1993, following Master F. Taiten Guareschi. He was officially ordained in 2001 at the Fudenji Zen Temple in Fidenza, Italy. (www.fudenji.it). Pasquale is the president of the cultural association Flowers in the Sky (www.flowersinthesky.com), an organization that gathers research and cultivates the education of the Zen traditions and art physically, socially, and spiritually. He deepens his studies and Zen practice by traveling to different dojos in Europe and the USA. He conducts meditation groups and leads Zen workshops and events. His new proposal, Art and Awareness, centers around the journey of going through an artistic and creative experience, which is in itself a process of awareness about our original self. He is also the author of Reflex, a collection of Zen stories and personal experiences.

His artistic passion has been the motor behind his first person research of expression and communication. This has steered him in various directions. In Rome, he practiced Bioenergetics, beginning in 1990 with Ellen Green and continuing with Tommaso Traetta—both trainers and supervisors in Italy for I.I.B.A., an institute which was founded by Alexander Lowen in New York (www.bioenergetic-therapy.com). He is certified to lead Bioenergetics Exercise Groups/Classes by the I.I.F.A.B (www.iifab.org)

Pasquale follows the Gurdjieff‘s teaching in Los Angeles, London and Rome. Gurdjeff‘s work is in essence a training in the development of consciousness.

He has also studied Chinese medicine and has been trained in Shiatsu massage. He has trained Chi Kung with various world-recognized Chinese Masters (Master Li Xiao Ming, Hu Lijuan, Wang Ting and Ming Wong). He has been practicing Kundalini yoga (www.yogadharma.it) and the martial art of Aikido for many years (AKIKAI). And he practices boxing at an amateur level to keep him awake!